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Get help working through the hard process so that you can get all the benefits of knowing for sure who the father of your child is.


You can create emotional, social, and economic ties between the father and your child that last for a lifetime.

Give your child a chance at knowing who their father is and get the benefits of the support you need.


If you're looking to establish your child's paternity, trust in Law Office Of Teresa Mendoza Burris.

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Get The Benefits Of Knowing The Paternity

  • Acknowledge paternity by consent

  • DNA testing

  • Uniform Parentage Act

  • Refusing the DNA test

  • Establish legal rights

  • Eligible for benefits

  • Secure your child's identity

We'll Handle Everything That Comes Up Together

If you have the paternity established legally, your child might be able to get inheritance, medical and life insurance, and rights to Social Security or even veteran's benefits. You can also establish a crucial medical history for your child to help your child's doctor recognize an illness or even birth defects.


Having a father figure has been proven to have lasting effects on children; children with father figures are more likely to stay in school and avoid drugs and crimes. They will also grow into more responsible adults compared to others.


Regardless of your feelings towards the father of your child now, establishing paternity can help to create a better future for your child. I'm here to help you do just that.

Give Your Child The Life They Deserve